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The Troy School District believes that there is an urgent necessity to provide our children the best education possible. We believe that schools are cooperative ventures built by continuous hard work, planning, and support of the community.
The Troy School District Strives to :

    • provide an opportunity for each child to learn and achieve the maximum growth possible in the school environment, within the constraints placed on the district;
    • encourage in every child a desire to learn, to think clearly, to gain useful general knowledge, and to develop more extensive abilities in areas of special interest;
    • recognize the child's need to understand and respect himself/herself and others, and to develop into a productive and responsible member to society;
    • promote the teaching and practicing of democratic ideals and high moral standards our school;
    • provide and maintain a school plant that will meet the needs of students, the school program, and the community;
    • select and develop teaching and non-teaching personnel who consistently demonstrate a sincere interest, not only in the community, the district, and the school, but most importantly in the individual student and who exhibit respect for that responsibility;
    • remain in constant and open communication with all segments of the school community, remembering that sound public relations are important to the success of any educational program.

    Report Cards:

    The Oregon Department of Education produces yearly report cards for schools and districts. These reports, called for by the 1999 state legislature, provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community members about how local schools are performing. Click Here to access the Current Troy Elementary School Report Card follow the instruction as shown in the infographic below.

     Hard copies can be obtained at the Troy School.

Troy School District No.54
66247 Redmond Grade Lane
Enterprise, OR 97828
Grades K-8
Phone: (541)828-7788
Fax: (541)426-7748
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